Status update, wips & GBWC

Hey Gunpla guys and gals, this is a status update since I haven't had much to post lately.


I'm currently working on three commission kits for two separate clients.

Client #1 has two kits, the MG Epyon and MG Blitz Gundams

Both of these kits are well underway.

Epyon is essentially done, however I'm waiting for three replacement parts before it can be finished off.

Blitz is more than halfway painted.

As you can see the paint scheme is essentially stock, however the client asked for a really vibrant purple color.

I just received a new batch of primer today for the black and white armor pieces. This kit should be completely painted by the end of the week. Afterwards a third party set of decals will be applied.

Client #2 is our buddy Joe from ModelGrade. I'm build and painting a MG Sandrock for free for Joe as a thank you for all the deals he's offered the gunpla community this year.

This kit is still mostly on it's runners, it will receive a stock paint job and decal scheme. However I plan on working some extra painted detail into the kit.


Like last year I'm not going to announce the kits I will be entering until I arrive at NYCC. This year I will be competing in two categories, Out of the Box and Open; last year I only competed in Out of the Box. 

Unfortunately I haven't started on the two kits I plan on entering yet.  By this time last year the MG Exia had already completed.

Unfortunately this year I've had a bit of trouble with my paints & thinners, the weather and motivation in general. And I have shelved three potential entries I was unhappy with.

Once the three commissions listed above are complete and off of my desk I will be devoting all my 'gunpla time' to completing the two kits for the GWBC. Everything else: tutorials, commissions and what not will be pushed back until after NYCC.