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Saturday, August 24, 2013

MG Blitz Completed

Nothing says 'super stealthy' like a matte black mobile suit... along with bright red, yellow, purple and white. Okay, so maybe 18 meter tall robots aren't exactly the most inconspicuous weapons of war. But what they lack in discretion they make up for in 'cool factor'. 


100% Black

100% Medium Grey

80% Midnight Blue
20% Hibiscus Pink
10% White

V-fin, claws & details
100% Lemon Yellow

Thruster bells & ports
100% Alcad Steel

Vents, trim & details
100% Bright Red 

100% White

Misc colors used
Silver, Clear Red & Clear Blue


This is a client's kit, so there won't be any posing. 

Enjoy the photos!