Thursday, August 29, 2013

Real Grade Justice Kit Review

It's been a while since I've done a kit review. However I had a lot of fun with this 1/144 scale RG Justice, and I thought it deserved a review!

The Real Grade Justice Gundam was released in July 2012 by Bandai Japan. The RG Justice Gundam is the 9th released model in the Real Grade line.

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In the lore of the series the ZGMF-Z09A Justice Gundam is the sister suit to the ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam; so unsurprisingly the RG Justice and Freedom Gundams share some parts. Both kits share the same "Advanced MS Frame" #4; which is also in common with the RG Destiny. The Freedom and Justice also have identical: beam sabers, beam rifles and shields.  

Unlike 99.99% of the kits I've posted on this blog, this kit is mostly unpainted. So what you're seeing is what you'll get right out of the box with a topcoat. I like the molded colors of this kit quite a bit, it's very refreshing to see a 'lead' mobile suit without the traditional white, blue, red and yellow color scheme. The colors have a nice interplay, and I personally don't believe we see enough pink mobile suits (Char not withstanding). 

Like you would expect from the RG line, this kit has good color separation, a good range of articulation and plenty of panel lining and detail. The color separation on this kit was taken much further than the somewhat disappointing white and off white of the RG Freedom. 

The construction of the kit is good throughout, however I noticed that the waist was prone to separating from the chest unless the connection was tight.  

The most noticeable aspect of the RG Justice is the massive backpack it carries around. While the backpack certainly looks cool, and adds a hefty number of gimmicks, it's also unbearably heavy! Bandai included a sort of 'kick stand' to hold the back pack up when it's fully extended out, but when the backpack is folded up the kit need to relay of the tips of the wings to hold it up. This is unfortunate because the kit can't really be posed standing while wearing the back pack without the included stand, or an action base. 

The RG Justice is a great RG kit, it features a lot of detail and a pile of gimmicks!


Good color scheme and color separation
Variety of gimmicks included in the mobile suit and accessories
Wide range of articulation and overall pose-ability (for the body)
The decal designs on this kit are some of my favorite!


Likely the most back heavy kit available for sale across any grade.

Requires an action base to achieve any good pose

Things to be aware of  

The sensors in the head and backpack come in clear plastic and the kit doesn't feature any decals for these parts. You should paint them to give the kit a completed look. 

Do yourself a favor and purchase an action base for this kit! It can look kind of dumpy using it's wings to stay up straight, but the flying poses it can achieve with the action base look phenomenal! 

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