Tuesday, April 1, 2014

MG Banshee Final Battle Version

Hey guys this is the last commission of the four part series which includes HG PhenexMG Qan[t] and MG Tallgeese II. I won't lie, I'm happy to see this commission series come to a close; not because I didn't like kits, but because now I can get back to my backlog of kits!

If you're unfamiliar with the Final Battle Version of the Banshee here's a bit of the suit's backstory to get you caught up. In the novelization of Gundam Unicorn there is no Banshee with an armed armor DE or VN, it's simply another Unicorn chassis with a recolor, new horn and no La Plus program. 

With the last episode of the gundam Unicorn saga approaching I have to wonder if we're going to see the Banshee Norn with a green frame...

This is the 3rd MG Banshee I have built and the 3rd Banshee I have used the ver ka decal scheme on. The most difficult aspect of this kit was to get the GR (General Revil) decal aligned properly on the left shoulder.

The paint break down is as follows:

Main body: Banshee blue (blue, purple and black)
Frame: Neutral grey
Feet & beam ammo: Black
Eyes: Clear red over star bright silver
Horn, & details: Star bright brass
Weapon sights: Clear green over star bright silver

I added a few small details to the kit.

The thrusters are two color with a silver interior and grey exterior.
The gold details on the legs were masked and painted on top of the grey frame.
The seam lines on the rifle and bazooka were fused.
The weapon sights were all painted with silver and clear green.
The pegs on the psychoframe sections of the shield were painted to diminish their appearance.
The bazooka ammo received hand brushed silver accents to add detail.

Unicorn Mode

Destroy Mode

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