Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MG Age 1 Spallow

I picked this MG Age 1 Spallow in a trade with a fellow on reddit a few months ago. He received a new in box MG Astray Blue Frame and I got his already built Age 2 Normal and Age 1 Spallow. I finished the Age 2 Normal in December but the Spallow sat on the shelf until about April before I began working on it. 

I received the Spallow in built condition; the builder did an okay job cleaning nubs (this isn't meant as a put down to the original owner; I'm just finicky about this sort of thing), but I went back and did some reworking to fill in gouges with putty and neaten things up before priming. 

The paint job on this kit is very close to stock. I can only assume that the blue and black color scheme of the kit was supposed to be reminiscent of the popular culture depictions of Ninjas. I made a few color changes to remove the white from the fore arms, shoulders and legs. I also decided to blend a small amount of neutral gray into the white of the kit to tone down the contrast against the colors of the kit. 

The asymmetrical decal layout on this kit was a mistake on my part. The chevrons on the shoulders should have both been facing front, however I mixed up the parts and didn't notice my mistake until it was too late. 

The MG Spallow wasn't a well received kit when it was released and after building and posing the kit I can definitely see why. It lacks the impact the Age 1 Titus has with it's massively over sized limbs and beam effects, but it also lacks the panel lining detail and weapons of the Age 1 Normal. Overall it's not a "bad" kit, but it's uninteresting and it's legs have a limited range of posability. 

Hit the bump for the full photo shoot!

360 Rotation

Action Poses

This kit is mine (for now) so that mean's I'm going to pose and take photos of it!

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