Sunday, January 15, 2017

HG Graze Custom II Ryusei-Go


I originally built this kit with my six year old nephew over the Thanksgiving Day break. He thought the pink color scheme and high heels looked silly for a robot, but I think he enjoyed putting it together.

For those not in the know the Ryusei-Go is an upgrade to the Graze Custom that Akihiro Altland used through the first part of the first season. Once Akihiro received his upgrade Norba Shino became the new pilot of the Graze.

The HG Ryusei-Go is one of the weaker versions of the HG Graze selection. seam lines are a more obvious and there are more large hollow spaces than other versions of this kit. Another big issue is that the kit includes a foil decal set for the iconic eye design on the head; you really need a waterslide decal set to properly finish kit.

Kit Talk:

The whole reason I decided to purchase this kit was due to the decal set included in the Novemeber 2016 issue of Model Graphix. This issue featured a 4 page spread on three different ways of modifying the model. I took bits and pieces for each example and made my own version of this kit.

This model also served as a warm up for the MG Delta Plus I posted a week ago. Many of the scribing and modifying techniques used on this model were later used on the Delta.

I used many Kotobuykia detail up parts to fill in the indents and holes found on this kit. Many of these details were carefully masked and painted after the pink. I also used pla plate to fill in the hollow tail thruster, and to make plating for the rear skirts.

Color I used:

Custom pink (50% white, 40% red, 8% yellow and 2% purple)
Gundam Color 
Gundam Color Zeon Frame Gray for the internal frame
Gundam Color Zeon Frame Gray and black for the darker frame components and weapons colors
Clear Yellow over Superfine Silver for the Ahab Drive
White for the white details

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Action Poses:


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