Commission Part 1: MG Heavyarms

This is a commission build I accepted from fellow Reddit member Buckethead523. 

Brothers in 'Heavyarms'

I know what you're thinking, 'there's no way he's doing another one, he just finished the Heavyarms.

Well, it's true this is the second MG Heavyarms I'm building. And to be honest it's even better than the first time! I know what to expect this time around, I know what parts are prone to breaking and how and when to paint certain areas.

So far the Plamo UK colors I have used are:

Gunmetal for the frame
Titanium highlights
Gold highlights
Grey for the exposed bits of armor

I masked bits of the knee, chest and chest gatling areas to add several different colors to the kit. 

 The cockpit is painted in titanium, you can just barely see it through the waist armor.

Titanium piston with a gold end.

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