Project Unicorn : Banshee COMPLETE!

So, the long road for the completion of the first unit of Project Unicorn is finally over. Got to say, alot of ups and downs, but I think generally I'm happy with the final product. There are things I'm not happy about too, but at the end of the day, I think the positives outweigh the negatives.

Anyways, on towards what I used for the build in terms of paints.

Purple/Black : Mixture of PLAMO UK Violet, Sky Blue and Black
Black : PLAMO UK Black
Inner Frame : GAIANOTES Star Bright Duralumin
Weapons : GAIANOTES Star Bright Iron and Alclad II Steel
Psychoframe : GAIANOTES Start Bright Duralumin topped with Tamiya Clear Blue
Gold Crest and V-Fin : GAIANOTES Star Bright Gold
Detailing : Citadel Boltgun Metal, Citadel Chain Mail, Vallejo Air Gold

Lets get to the pictures.

Base Banshee Unit.

Banshee and Her Weapons.

Banshee and Base Equipment.

HGUC Banshee Heavy Arms

Trying not to clutter the blog with pics, so please head to my Flickr to see even more pics of this guy!

HGUC Banshee Heavy Arms Flickr Gallery!

Thanks for following the WIP!


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