And Its Name is Epyon

I grew up in the 90s, and I first got into Gundam when Toonami originally aired the Gundam Wing series in 2000. If you're like me then the Epyon probably left quite an impression on you. Not only was it the first 'big bad guy' we saw from the series (the first one that posed a serious threat), but also the first 'bad guy gundam'. 

This is a commission kit for the same fellow as the MG Blitz. Like the Blitz the Epyon features a mostly stock color scheme. The one major difference between this kit and the out of the box version is that the dark blue was replaced with black. The black color scheme definitely adds some menace to the aggressive angular design of this kit! 

Decals are an after market set from GlobalToy over on ebay. Overall the quality was decent. Only the smallest decals suffer from poor printing (Bandai please bring back first party waterslide decals!).  

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Color Mixes:

I can't exactly remember the ratios of colors in this kit. These are my guesses:

Blood Red: Bright Red 90% + Purple 10%

Black: Black 100%

Yellow: Yellow 95% + Orange 5%

White: 100% White

Grey: 100% Medium Grey

Green Eyes: 90% Yellow + 10% Blue

Green Sensors: 100% Clear Green over 100% Star Bright Duralinium


This is a commission build, so there will be no poses!