GoodGuyCompetition 2014 Status Update 2

Status Update #2

The competition is picking up steam and we've had a slew of new participants sign up! I've already started to receive Wip photos and even photos of a completed kit!

Did you miss the initial announcement?

Don't worry there's you still have time left to register and participate! I have some great prizes for the winners of each category, as well as some participation prizes to be randomly given away!

Check out the contest page here!

I have a few updates to the contest, unless I can get a total of 5 users to register for the advanced category I will lump them into the intermediate category and choose 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners.

The registration period is going to end on March 19th make sure you sign up before then!

Today I'm also happy to announce the fist participation prize!

Participation prize #1:

The lucky winner of this kit will be selected at the end of the competition!



Chris MG Epyon
Brian RG RX -178
Samuel HG Nemo
Brian RG Perfect Strike
Wilfrido HG Hygogg
Brent HG Sinanju
Karin HG Sengoku Astray
Leo HG Gundam X Maoh
Josh MG Aile Strike RM
Anthony HG Double X
Jonathan MG Sengoku Astary
Erich MG RX 78-2 3.0
Robert Zaku II J.Ridden's Custom 
Ian MG God Gundam
Kevin MG Deathscythe Hell EW
Joey MG Gm Type C
Chris HG Stark Jegan
Reed MG Build Strike Full Package
Yi RG Destiny
Hayden HG Rezel Commander
James HG EX-S Gundam
NickJohn RG RX -178 MK II TITANS
Matthew HG Shining Gundam
Howard HG GM K9
Joey MG Duel Gundam
Harrison RG Strike Freedom
Jeremy RG Strike Freedom
Gilbert HG Freedom
Chris MG Astray


Guillaume HG Powered GM
Josh MG Sazabi ver. Ka
Corey HG Master Gundam & Fuunsaiki
Wayne MG Talgeese
Justin HG Delta Plus 
Rick RG Gundam Mk II Titans version
Zain MG Sinanju Stein 
Kapil MG Wing Proto Zero
Jay MG Strike Freedom Full burst mode
Tyler MG Nu Gundam ver. ka
Maxwell HG 00 Seven sword G Exia R2
Albert HG Jesta
Elvin HG Astray Blue Frame


Tu MG Unicorn OVA
Alan HG Nobel
Adam HG Gebera Tetra
Mike AG Legalis
Jake HG Hyaku Shiki
Shawn HG Rebawoo