GoodGuyCompetition 2014 Status Update 1

Status Update #1

The competition is already well underway; we have a few participants registered so far!

Did you miss the initial announcement?

Don't worry there's still plenty of time left to register and participate! I have some great prizes for the winners of each category, as well as some participation prizes to be randomly given away!

Check out the contest page here!



Brian RG RX -178
Samuel HG Nemo
Brian RG Perfect Strike
Wilfrido HG Hygogg
Brent HG Sinanju
Karin HG Sengoku Astray
Leo HG Gundam X Maoh
Josh MG Aile Strike RM
Anthony HG Double X
Jonathan MG Sengoku Astary
Erich MG RX 78-2 3.0
Robert Zaku II J.Ridden's Custom 
Ian MG God Gundam
Kevin MG Deathscythe Hell EW
Joey MG Gm Type C


Guillaume HG Powered GM
Josh MG Sazabi ver. Ka
Corey HG Master Gundam & Fuunsaiki
Wayne MG Talgeese
Justin HG Delta Plus 
Rick RG Gundam Mk II Titans version
Zain MG Sinanju Stein 
Adam HG Gebera Tetra
Ray NG Wing Gundam Ag Age 2 Normal
Jay MG Strike Freedom Full burst mode


Tu MG Unicorn OVA
Alan HG Nobel