Liger Zero Schneider


I remember watching the Zoids TV show when I was a teenager; but, it must not have left much of an impression because I had forgotten about it until recently. For those interested some Zoids episodes are available on YouTube. For those not in the know the Liger Zero is sort of like the Strike Gundam. It is able to change out its armor & equipment to change its role on the battlefield; and the armor packs feature similar roles. The Schneider armor featured on this model focuses on close range combat; while the J├Ąger enhances speed and mobility, and the Panzer is all about long range firepower.

Kit Talk:

I built and painted this kit for a friend in exchange for a kit; He had a few requests for the build including a stock color scheme and some weathering. I mixed all of the colors in the kit as close as I could to the ratios in the back of the manual. The Liger Schneider is mostly molded in color, however there were more than a few instances of parts needing extensive masking to break the parts into their correct colors.

I applied Tamiya Weathering Model Master and Vallejo desert dust wash in several light layers and slowly built up the grime on the kit. The weathering scheme on the kit becomes lighter as it works up from the feet; with darker and heavier layers of dirt on the feet and lighter white sand towards the top of the model.

Overall this was a good build and I'm quite happy with the way the kit and weathering turned out.

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360 Photos:

No poses this time, this is a kit for a friend and I don't want to damage it accidentally by posing it too much.  

Detail Photos

I didn't paint the figure of this model as it comes pre-painted, but I did hand paint the details in the cockpit and in a few other areas of the kit.

I chose to weather the intakes on the legs more heavily to represent air being pulled into the armor. 

I really like how the sandy weathering pulls the sharp edges of the kit out.

The blade on the head of the Liger fold down over the face for ramming other Zoids.

The silver bolts/rivets on the legs were all hand-painted with silver paint.

The brown pipes featured throughout the kit have a great degree of texturing and they hold the wash and weathering really well.

The fins on the top, sides, and bottom of the fins each have a smaller silver vernier that was hand-painted.

Scale Comparison