HG Atlas Gundam Bandit Flower ver.


The Atlas is a striking design appearing in the second 'season' of Gundam Thunderbolt. Piloted by ace EFSF mobile suit pilot Io Flemming. Built (paradoxically in my opinion) to function well in both atmospheric and aquatic battlefields, the Atlas features two large 'Sub Legs' aka the banana boats. The banana boats are pieces of support equipment mounted on two articulated arms at the waist. The arms allow the Atlas to change into various modes to maximize performance in a given situation. The banana boats also feature powerful thrusters and storage space for two bullpup style battle rifles.

This particular kit is a P-Bandai exclusive release of the design featured in the OVA. It features a more compact (and significantly shorter) rail gun, as well as a slightly redesigned shield. This release also includes a set of water slide decals; this set is similar to the one included in the GD 114 decal set but features several additional decals.

This was the first kit commissioned through my new patron 'Commission Grade' level. If you'd like to support me and get a custom made model, you can find more information here: https://www.patreon.com/GGD

Kit Talk:

I don’t consider myself to be a contrarian, but I often approach ‘bad’ kits with the vain hope that they’re not as bad as everyone says. I walk away disappointed most of the time.

I was going to spend time in this post complaining about the masking and painting required to pull the detail out of the chest, knees and joints. But, I feel that it would be better highlighted in a separate video review, so look forward to that, or don't.

All in, I really appreciate the base design of the Atlas mobile suit; it's slim and athletic, and the exposed 'spine' of the design is cool and unusual. If Bandai were to take the design and upscale it to an MG Ver. Ka kit, I could see myself really enjoying the build. As for the HG, I won't touch another one.

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This kit is a commission, which means this isn't my kit. So no poses! Sorry!

The sub arms are easily able to hold the weight of the banana boats. Poses are limited only by the mobile suit's center of gravity. 

There are only a few points of articulation on the banana boats. I can't believe I'm about to type this, but the HG Atlas should have used the G-Self Perfect Pack as an example of how to do these correctly.