GoodGuyCollab: HG EWAC Jegan


This is the first collaborative patron build of 2019! I’d like to thank Rhea for submitting this kit to me for the collab, along with all the other patrons that participated. The collab is my favorite ongoing event to come out of my Patreon, and I look forward to completing several more this year!

Let’s talk about the RGM-89DEW EWAC Jegan. I don’t like the Jegan. I think the Jegan is the worst version of the GM. I hate the color, I don’t like the weird mixture of blocky and curvy. Really, the only positive thing that I can say about the Jegan is that it explodes really nicely. All that out of the way, the EWAC Jegan is… interesting. It’s rare to see a mobile suit with as much mass in the head as the rest of the body.

The EWAC Jegan is based on a similar concept as the modern day Early Warning and Control (EWAC). This Jegan operates in a reconnaissance role. It will move ahead of the main force and use its advanced sensors to gather data, identify and spot targets for long range bombardment. As a consequence of its role on the battlefield, the Jegan is lightly armed and the added bulk of the recon gear will likely negatively impact the overall performance.

Based on the design and role the EWAC Jegan occupies, I wanted to use a paint scheme that would make the Jegan harder to detect visually compared to the ‘sickly green’ the Jegan is normally molded in. So far the only EWAC Jegan we’ve seen in the anime has belonged to Londo Bell, but I’d like to think that other branches of the EFSF have also started to use the design. I’ve marked this unit as belonging to ECOAS. As the black ops and wet works branch of the EFSF I would think they would appreciate the tactical data this mobile suit can provide to them. ECOAS predominately uses variants of the RGM-89 Jegan and D-50C; so this Jegan would fit right into their existing force structure.

Kit Talk:

This kit came to me completely built. Normally I don’t do any additional touch or clean up to a collab kit before painting it. But, this kit was very clean and I wanted to clean up a few minor things to make it perfect.

As mentioned earlier I opted for a darker color scheme, the idea being that this would allow the Jegan to blend into its surroundings more easily. The white and orange paint on the recon equipment counteracts this idea entirely… but I like the contrast. It also gave me a chance to do some striped masking work inspired by Rob Cunningham. Another benefit of the primarily dark color scheme is that the pearl gold I used for the sensor array along the head really stands out in a good way. I opted to mask this area twice, once for the color and again for the top coat to maintain the glossy texture of the paint.