Thursday, March 7, 2019

HG RX-160 Byarlant


For a while now I’ve professed my love for the Byarlant design. This is my third HG Byarlant project (the first two were Byarlant Customs from Gundam Unicorn).

One of my favorite things about the Byarlant is the lore behind its design. The Byarlant was designed to be capable of self-sustained flight without transforming. And it does this by basically brute forcing it’s way through the air using massive thrusters situated all over the body. The end result is a mobile suit that works… but there are some sacrifices. The Byarlant’s offensive abilities are limited. It only features a pair of mega particle guns integrated into the hands and a pair of beam sabers. The non-standard set of manipulators also limit the Byarlant’s ability to wield other MS weapons. Also, one can assume that the Byarlant’s operational time would be limited due it’s large brick like nature and lack of aerodynamic surfaces. 

Kit Talk:

The Byarlant has more seamlines than most recent HGs. They’re found all over the arms, shoulders, thighs and on the back fins. I had to use a variety of techniques to disguise, remove or otherwise mode the kit around these elements. None of these fixes were particularly hard, but it’s frustrating to see so many issues present on one kit. If you don’t mind seamlines then don’t let this comment detract from your enjoyment of this kit.

A big reason I opted to build the Byarlant right after the Dijeh is because they have a lot of similar colors in common.  As a result, the colors below are almost all adapted from the colors used on the 

Mermaid Green: (my wife really likes this color). 70% Gaia Emerald Green, 15% Gaia Color Blue Gray & 15% Mr. Color sky blue

Dark Blue: 70% Gaia Color Midnight Blue, 15% Purple Violet & 15% Pure White

Grey Purple: 55%  Gaia Color Neutral Gray #3 & 40% Gaia Color Purple Violet & 5% Gaia Color Midnight Blue

Neutral Gray: 100% Gaia Color Neutral Gray #4

Yellow: 60% Gaia Color Sunshine Yellow, 30% Gaia Color Yellow Orange & 10% Gaia Color Pure White

Red: Gaia Color 100% Bright Red

Unlike the Dijeh, I decided to keep the decal scheme on the Byarlant very simple. I only included the Titans logo and the Titan’s name. Since I’ve been on a Zeta kick recently, I made keep the simpler decal scheme in mind once I build the Gabaldy.


I used a MSG part to represent the mega-particel cannon in the palm of the hand. I also added a blank cap to the beam saber holder. 

This grey inner vent is still not molded separately. Be prepared to mask!

Here you can see the pla-plate vent added to the upper cod-piece vent. 

In case you're wondering... Yes, the Byarlant is a bit ackward to pose due to the wonky design. 

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