FF-X29A G-Parts[Hrududu]/RX-121-1+FF-X29A Gundam TR-1 Hazel-Rah


In case you're wondering... no, a cat didn't wander across my keyboard, that whole mess of a model number is the Hazel-Rah's model number. The HG Hurududu isn't much to write home about, it's real purpose is to be combined with other kits from the AOZ series. In the basis G-Parts form the Hurududu looks somewhat like a fighter craft.

I didn't realize until too late that you can combine two Hurududus along with some other components to make the second form of the Hazel-Rah. So here's the slightly less awesome Hazel-Rah.

Kit Talk:

Fun fact, there is a older version of the 1/144 Hurududu out there. Danny Choo has an article up for it here: https://dannychoo.com/en/posts/hrududu

Compared to that old magazine pack in, this model is way easier to assemble and paint. However, there are still come seam lines, and masking that should be done to create a better finish. Also included with this kit are a small selection of water slide decals! I'm always excited to see these included with a kit!

I built this at the same time as the HG Hazel I posted a few weeks ago. All colors are therefor consistent across the two kits for obvious reasons.

These models are still available through JoJoHobbynStuff! You can pick up one (or two) today at a discount using my coupon code "GoodGunpla"!


Shocking absolutely no one, the Hazel-Rah is really back heavy, so deploy the included stand to offset this!

The armored pylons added to the chest make photos a bit awkward. I mean, it makes sense, that's why the armor is there, but you can't see his little Gundam face.