PG Exia Gundam


PG kits always feel like a 'special event' to me. I need a special reason to start one, otherwise, it feels like I'm 'cheating' on the rest of my backlog. I started the PG Exia right around the time people started working remotely during COVID. It sat for a long while in pieces, and I only buckled down to paint it just before I started my new job over a year ago. 

Kit talk:

I don't really bother to mod PG kits very much aside from re-scribing a few panel lines. I tweaked the color palette with a custom mixed light grey, electric blue, and pink. Early into the paint job I decided to push more metallic colors into the frame, I like how those small metallic areas create points of interest that keep your eye moving around the design.

I also supplemented the decal design of the kit using a variety of markings from a few different Kotobukia decal sets. I like the character and realism the additional markings bring to the design. 


  1. This is impeccable work! Hello, I have a few quick questions to ask you, did you use paint to recolor your Gundam or just use matte paint to make him look textured, thank you!

    1. This is a fully painted kit. I describe what I did in the content of the post.


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