MG Gundam Epyon EW


Just like the MG Prototype Wing Zero EW from June I built and painted this kit as a part of the Gundam Wing group build that we hosted on my Discrod server in 2021. I had built the MG Epyon once before in 2013 as a commission. I recalled being very impressed with the kit back in 2013, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had the same overall impression of the build. The MG Epyon has aged extremely well and I would absolutely recommend picking one up if you vibe with the design. I also recommend picking it up from my Amazon link if you would like to support me and the work that I do in the hobby

Kit Talk:

I made a few modifications to this model kit. The most time intensive (and probably least notiable) was hiding the seamline that runs all along the wings. This process required extensive modification of the parts, the painting and assembly order. I don't think I would recommend this mod to most people.

One simple mod I would recommend is to upgrade the center 'search eye'. All this mod requires is some material remove a bit of photoetch and an aurora gem. It's fast, easy and it adds a ton of character. Also, because it's in the center torso, it's a hard mod to miss.