Tuesday, December 31, 2013

MG Age 2 Normal Weiß

Alright guys, this is it, the 26th and final kit I've done this year. My goal this year was to exceed last years 20 kits and I've definitely achieved that.

The MG Age 2 normal was a kit I received in a trade from a fellow redditor. Nothing against the person I traded with, but the kit was in rough shape when I received it; nubs, gouges, you name it. Some of the flaws I fixed, others I just couldn't be bothered with. Regardless of those flaws however, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

The paint scheme is inspired by but not an accurate representation of the "SP" version of the Age 2 Normal. There at 4-5 different 'shades' of white ranging from a 'pure' white to a murky lightish grey. The shades of white were achieved by using different combinations of grey and white primers in addition to white paints and neutral grays. The bright metallic greens were achieved by spraying Tamiya clear green over Gaianotes starbright Duralinium

The decals are a mix from the MG Qan[t], MG Char Zaku 2.0/Gelgoog 2.0 and from the Federation DX 5  decal sheet. The EFF decals are cut down versions of the EFSF decals commonly found on federation mobile suits from the UC timeline. 

MG Qant Full Saber Commission

Hey guys, this is going to be my second to last kit completed this year. This is the second MG Qan[t] I have built, unlike the first however this kit includes the option Full Saber kit made by BTF hobby. Although I panned the BTF kit as being nothing more than a poorly designed brick; I have to admit that when it's fully painted and added to the Qant[t] it looks pretty cool.

In addition to balancing the asymmetrical design of the kit, the saber provides actual balance which prevents the kit from leaning towards the shield side.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

One final give away for 2013

Don't miss out on the final give away of the year. 

Contest open to participants located in the US only. Contest ends 12/31/13. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Gundam Builder Parts HD Video

If you're interested in getting some Builders Parts consider buying them through Amazon! Every purchase helps me out and it doesn't cost you anything! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Mg Tallgeese Complete

Seriously, if it's just one mech wouldn't it called be the Tallgoose?

This is a kit I've been working on since release but I just couldn't get the paint scheme the way I wanted it to look.Before this final version this kit was paint scheme was completed and stripped twice 

This final version is based on the TV color scheme that most of us are familiar with. However I took that scheme slightly further and went with a Real Grade inspired scheme using a few shades of grey.

Overall I really like the way this kit turned out. There are a few scratches in the paint scheme, and some of the decals are scratched up. Regardless of these flaws I still like it. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Video Preview of MG Tallgeese

The photos for the Tallgeese aren't ready yet. So until then enjoy this video preview of the finished kit.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Let's Build SN Sword IV Full Saber by BTF Hobby

Hey Guys and Gals,

Check out my new "Let's Build Series"

I'm starting with BTF's GN Sword IV Full Saber kit

Check out the first video here:

Then head over to my channel to see the rest of the videos!


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Video Series

I'm starting a video series check out my first two videos!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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Hey guys and gals, 

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Happy Holidays


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Phenex has Risen!

This is a commission kit for a very special client. Over the last few months this client has accumulated almost as many of my completed kits, as I have! This is the first kit in a line of commissions this client has requested. Stay turned for more work in the coming weeks! 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekly WIP

I'm not getting enough work done during the weekend to justify a stand alone WIP for two days. So instead here's what I have been working on this week!

MG Age 2 Normal

I received this kit as a trade along with a MG Age 1 Spallow from a fellow over on reddit. I've decided to tackle the Age 2 Normal first. Both kits will require some TLC before they're ready for paint.

I have added a few panel lines to the chest and shoulder armor, additionally I used the panel line scriber to carve panels along the edges of some raised surfaces for crisper lines. Finally I went over the kit with sand paper to remove any molding flash.

I think I'm going to give this kit a  Age 2 SP inspired color scheme. But I'll incorporate more grey into the build than the official scheme.

MG Tallgeese

The Tallgeese has been a WIP since it's initial release. I've tried painting it a few times now. But I just couldn't get it to turn out. The paint theme is a variation of the TV version scheme. I've decided to attempt a RG style scheme by incorporating an off white into some areas of the main body.

I've also added a few hand brushed details to the wing binders and other raised surfaces.

MG Qan[t]

So this isn't really a WIP. But this will be the next kit I'm working on.

This is a commission for a client. I will be adding the BTF Full Saber kit to the build.

Monday, November 18, 2013

I don't talk about the shows much. But this scene from Gunpla Build Fighters made my week.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Making the best out of a bad situation

In addition to a spray booth and respirator I use a box vent to ventilate the room I paint in (yes I take it seriously and you should too if you paint! Those fumes are bad news!). Unfortunately the fan fell out of the window today and one of the blades broke off. 

While I'll have to buy another box fan to ventilate the room I discovered that the safety grating on the box fan makes a marvelous part holder for painting! Having already abandoned the old chunk of Styrofoam I had been using this seems like a perfect replacement. 

although this isn't going to be the final configuration it's a good start! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Gundam Unicorn 03 Phenex work in progress

Ironic that the first kit I start back up with is based on the motif of a phoenix.

What's most surprising about this kit is that the 'wings' don't weigh the kit down or make it back heavy the way many of the SeeD kits are.  

That empty trigger hand looks lonely... the rifle is still in process as it requires additional masking an seam removal.  

I'm somewhat torn if this kit should be topcoated with a satin or gloss coat. The gold looks fantastic right out of the bottle, but the solid parts of the kit would look better with more of a matte finish. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I'm back

I intended for this post to come out much earlier. But I've been having 'technical' issues; first with getting my ISP out to hook me up and second actually getting blogger to work on my other computer. (Google, Blogger, YouTube and a few other sites seem oddly slow).

I have a 'spare' bedroom in the apartment that I'm using both as a storage space and as a hobby space.

I gave up using my computer desk as a computer desk, and now it's completely dedicated to gunpla space.

The spray booth I picked up last year fits perfectly on this only IKEA desk. I laid out a large sheet of plastic over a spare chunk of carpet to protect the apartments carpet.

Actual storage space in the apartment is fairly minimal, but there is enough space to stash some kits away.


I've been busy playing catch up on my back log of commissions. The first kit I'm tackling is the  Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex.

The wild gold color is Gaianotes Star Bright Brass; it's a great vibrant color that couples well with the medium grey of the kit's frame.

Here's a side by side comparison of the molded 'gold' color next to the painted part. It's a night and day difference.

This kit requires a good bit of masking. The Armed Armor DE components of this kit are molded entirely in gold. Any grey you see is the result of careful masking.


The HG Gouf Custom is the final kit I was going to enter into GBWC, but due to issues with my enamel paints making the plastic brittle and cracking in places I decided not to submit the kit.

Although it's close to being completed, the obvious cracks in the plastic are really discouraging and I don't have much interest in finishing it. The only items left on the kit are finishing the weather wash and applying a final matte coat.

New Home New Display

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Personal update: I'm moving!

A few weeks back I accepted a job offer from a company in a different city a few hours away from my current city. I've already packed the majority of my stuff including the kits I'm working on, the kits I've built and all of the materials I'll need to continue building.

I don't know if I will be able to continue building in my apartment, but I certainly hope I will be able to.

You may not see many updates from me in the coming weeks as I begin to unpack and setup in my new home. However don't worry, I haven't gone away for good! Even if I'm unable to continue painting I will find some way to stay involved with Gunpla.

I don't know what effect this will have on my ability to accept new commissions just yet. Unfortunately for now, new and existing commission work will be postponed indefinitely.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

MG Geara Doga Full Frontal Custom

My MG Geara Doga 'Full Frontal Custom' won the 'Best Large Scale' kit at the GBWC event at NYCC 2013. Of the three kits I planned on producing for the show the Geara Doga was the second kit completed but also the kit that took the most time to finish. 

The Geara Doga Full Frontal custom is a version of the Geara Doga that made an appearance in the video game Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Postwar). In the lore this was the mobile suit that Full Frontal used before the Sinanju Stein was stolen. His Geara Doga custom was abandoned during the Sinanju Stein theft operation.

The sleeve details on the Geara Doga's wrist armor took the most time to complete. The sleeve detail was scratch built onto the Doga's existing wrist armor out of pla-plate, pre cut pla-strips and putty. The details is slightly over sized compared to the HG Version of the kit, but I wanted the detail to stand out against the kit.  I also modified the Bullpup rifle included with the kit into a design more similar to the Geara Zulu's with an additional scope and a front loading magazine. 

Painting the kit was straight forward. The only areas that required a bit of thinking were the thrusters on the feet. The 'Char Salmon' color was custom mixed for this kit, the darker red paint is from the MG Epyon, and the yellow is the same yellow used on the MG Wing with a little extra orange. 

Hit the bump for the full photo shoot!

Geara Doga WIPs

I still need to take photos of the finished Geara Doga Full Frontal custom.  However here are some of the WIP photos I took while getting the kit ready for the GBWC event!

This is how both wrists looked with the pla-stripes glued along the outside edges. Notice the vertical band which eventually formed part of the 'winged' design of the sleeve detail.

This image shows that the strips have now been added to the back of the wrist. Notice how there is a slight gap and over lap of the wrist and pla-strip. These imperfections were eventually, cut, sanded and fill with putty to form a more consistent edge.

Here's the first shot of the wings. I made a template in Adobe Illistrator in a bunch of different sizes. Cuts the templates out of paper and used them to cut matching sleeve details. 

Lots of primer and putty later resulted in a smooth-ish finish. 

The cuts in the 'wing' designs were made with an X-acto knife and panel line scriber.

Here's a reference illustration for the design of the bullpup beam rifle.

Using some wave parts, and pla tubes I extended and changed the position of the barrel.

The old magazine slot was filled with putty.

And a new 'sensor' was added where the barrel used to sit. Eventually I also added a scope to the side of the rifle from the MG Sinanju.