Sunday, March 31, 2013

How to Paint a Zeta Display Base

I was really fortunate to have some free time to work on this kit over the weekend. Little did I know how work intensive it would be!

 I decided to document my process for painting this kit; I went looking for a walkthrough on painting this kit and came up empty, so I hope someone finds this useful.

First off if you're interested in this kit let me say that this isn't a great choice for beginners (or people who hate masking). I personally love the Gundam head displays, so I was really happy when Justinius gave me this kit!

I decided to paint this base to match the White Unicorn Zeta scheme I'm painting onto my RG Zeta. The White Unicorn scheme requires a little more work than the standard scheme; but it should be pretty simple to modify my paint method to fit the other scheme.

Hit the bump for the full walk through

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Review MSG: The Origin volume 1: Activation

Not your typical review

This going to be a little out of place on my gunpla blog, but I think this manga deserves a review here. Normally I wouldn't consider reviewing any thing other than models, tools and paint here; so that should show you just how excited I am to get my hands on a copy of this book! You can order a copy from Amazon today!

So what is Gundam the Origin? 

Gundam the Origin is a retelling of the original 0079 Gundam series. The story has been altered, and the designs of some of the mobile suits have also been changed.The changes so far are minor, so if you still haven't seen the original 0079 series this is a great way to get into the UC Gundam Universe. Bandai has also been hinting at an eventual Gundam the Origin TV series to be released sometime in 2014!

About the Book

Written by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, Yoshiyuki Tomino and Hajime Yatate; and mechanical design by Kumo Okawara.Gundam the Origin is 456 pages in length, and weighs an impressive 2.1 pounds. The book is hard covered and it reads from right to left. Also a neat additional feature is a short essay by Hideaki Anno director of Neon Genesis Evangelion celebrating the revival of Gundam.  

Gundam the Origin volume 1 follows the story of Amuro and the prototype RX-78 02 Gundam mobile suit. Volume 1 covers the story of roughly the first five or six episodes of the original TV series. Basically everything up until the Whitebase returns to earth.

Gundam the Origin is a very fast read. I consider myself to only be a moderately paced reader, however I still managed to read the first 200 pages in about an hour. This is due mostly to the fantastic translation by publisher Vertical. 

The best part about this book is definitely the art. Just check out the detail in this line art!

Talk to the hand?

But wait it gets much better! The water colored pages are amazing!

If this isn't one of the greatest rivalries out there, I don't know what is.

So overall on my scale (yes I may be a tad bit generous)

Quality: 10/10
Story: 9.5/10
Translation 9/10
Artwork 10/10 

Where can I get it, and how much is it? 

This manga is currently available from, and it only costs $16.45! I highly recommend picking up a copy. 

Gundam the Origin is a fantastic story with amazing art work, and by purchasing a copy it encourages Bandai, Sunrise and all the other companies to continue bringing, Gundam and Gunpla to the US! 

Also linked below are pre-order links for the next three mangas in the series. Volume 2 is scheduled to be released in June 2013, volume 3 in September 2013 and volume 4 in December 2013. I have already pre-ordered a copy of each!   


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend WIP

It feels like it has been months since I've had the opportunity to work on one of my kits. And the Delta Epsilon felt more like a chore than a fun build. I have been really excited to put this guy together.

This is the first part of Project Amuro. 

I think It would have been sacrilegious to start Project Amuro on any kit other than the RX 78-2!

Hit the bump for more photos!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Lucky find at the local hobby shop

I don't typically shop at my local hobby shop, because their limited selection of Gunpla tends to be way overpriced ($85 for a Unicorn OVA; yeah, no thanks!). But last weekend I lucked out and picked up a kit I've really been wanting!

I know it says 50% off, but it actually turned out to be 60% off due to an in-store sale. 

I'm really excited to build the 1/35 Zaku head, I just need to make a commander's fin out of pla-plate!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

MG Delta Epsilon

This kit has been a long time coming...

I bought the MG Delta Plus in May of 2012. Even though most reviews for the kit were negative I was still excited to build another transformable mobile suit. However after assembling the kit I quickly learned to hate it's instability. After a failed coat of primer and a few broken parts and some crappy kit bashing the it was shelved and forgotten about. Then several weeks back I rediscovered the kit while looking for an action base.

My Delta Epsilon was inspired by a lot of different designs (both canon and non) in it's current form it's somewhere in-between the Hyaku Shiki and the Delta Gundam.

Ultimately this kit isn't my best work, it's very very rough in many places and the paint isn't as smooth as it should be. However I learned a lot about kit bashing, modifying parts and puttying. 

Tutorial: How to paint two color thrusters

"How do I paint two color thrusters?" 


This is a question that I see people asking all of the time, so here's a tutorial to help you out! 

This process is really fast and really simple. The method I'm outlining below is done using either an airbrush or spray cans. 

I want to emphasize that this is the method that works best for me, there are plenty of other ways to paint thrusters. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

MG Banshee OVA Commission Complete

This is a commission kit for the same client as the 00 Seven Sword/G

I have been working daily on this kit for a few weeks now, and I really like how it came together. This isn't the first MG Banshee OVA I have built, bit it may be my preferred version. My client asked that his Banshee follow the design I used for mine; however I made several small improvements that I wanted to implement on the first. 

Improvements like:

Color matched the 'neck and collar' with the frame.

Color matched the beam saber connectors with the waist. 
Applied decals to the 'front' of the Armored Armor VN.
Gloss coated the gold parts.

Hit the bump for the full gallery!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Banshee WIP update

The Banshee has been completely painted since the weekend. 

I'm currently working on the extensive decal scheme. It's currently 40% done. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Badger Renegade Krome Review


The Renegade Krome is a dual action, internal mix, gravity feed airbrush produced by Badger Air-brush Co. It comes packed with two needles and nozzles sizes.21 extra fine and .33 fine, two spray regulators and a black and aluminum storage case. 

I've been using the Renegade Krome for almost two years now; and it has been my primary airbrush on every kit since the first MG Wing EW  I painted in August 2011. Since then I have painted 29 kits with this brush!

If you're interested in picking up this or other kits consider purchasing through the Amazon links on my site. Every purchase you make helps me out tremendously and doesn't cost you a dime!

The Operation:

I'm not going to lie, of the three brushes I've owned; the Krome is my favorite by far. The Krome feels great in the hand, it feels weighty, but not so much to fatigue your hand. All of the parts fit precisely, and its extremely solid. The materials used to construct the brush are also fantastic.

The trigger on this brush is extremely smooth, and it provides you with a very precise degree of control. The back of the brush features a needle control knob; you can use this knob to adjust how far back the needle is pulled. This is a very useful feature for detail work like shading. 

The paint hopper fits roughly 5-6mls of paint at a time, and the chrome metal cap fits tightly to keep the paint where it belongs.   

This brush comes packed with two needles. The extra fine .21 needle and nozzel set came preloaded in mine, and the .33 fine needle and nozzel were packer separately. The needles and nozzels for this brush cannot be mix matched, so be careful not to mix them up! The nozzels are also extremely small and easy to lose. 

The extra fine needle will allow you to produce very fine lines, all the way down to 1/1000ths of an inch!

The fine needle will allow you to move all the way up to about a 1 inch diameter. 

A airbrush regulator will allow you a greater degree of control over your brush. If you're interested in painting very fine detail with your brush I highly recommend that you pick one up!

Breaking this brush down for lubricating and cleaning is also very easy. You can watch this youtube tutorial to see how it's done. I strongly recommend lubricating your brush before using it; and after every major tear down and cleaning. 

Badger also sells a fantastic brand of airbrush lubricant called needle juice! Pick up a bottle, it will last a lifetime.

Parts & Repairs:

One of the best things about Badger is their lifetime labor warranty. You can read the terms here.

During my two years of ownership I have had to replace some parts that I damaged or lost. Replacement parts for this brush are very affordable and they can be ordered online here

You can refer to this schematic to determine what parts numbers you need to order.



Fantastic feel in the hand

The trigger is exceptionally smooth very easy to control

The two included needle/nozzle sizes provide flexibility  
The hopper fits roughly 5-6mls of paint at a time

Easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble

Capable of producing a range of lines from pencil thin 1/1000th of a inch lines to 1 inch diameter spray

Lifetime warrenty

Made in America

Replacement parts are inexpensive and available here  

Very modest price of $135 


Functionally identical to the cheaper Renegade Velocity, but the Krome comes with some nice additions to justify the higher price

The needles are extremely fine and easy to bend if you're not careful disassembling/assembling the brush

The ultrafine tip can choke on metallic paints

Other Thoughts:

The Krome works well as multipurpose brush; however using a cheaper brush with a broader spray may be advantageous for priming or top coating large parts.

Buy some airbrush lubricant and fully disassemble, clean and lubricate your brush every 1-2 months depending on usage

An airbrush regulator will allow you to produce a wider range of line sizes and effects.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Local competition

I will be attending a local competition next week on March 16th at the Hobbytown USA in Albany NY from 11:00 until 2:30. If you happen to live nearby stop in to say hello!


1814 Central avenue Albany NY

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Upcoming Project Amuro

I'm getting really close to finishing the Banshee Commission. So it's time to start thinking about the next project; or in this case series of projects. 

Kieta of Wonder Excellence/Mesario + fame is my all time favorite gunpla builder by a very, very wide margin. The work he produced in 2004-6 is the main reason I got into gunpla; and also why I love clean built kits.  

Currently I'm planning on building 3-4 kits using a color scheme inspired by Keita's G3 design.

The planned kits are: RG RX 78-2, RG Zeta, MG Nu ver ka, MG Unicorn. 

Here's a mock-up of my planned scheme for the Unicorn. Masking the 'alpha' on the shoulder is going to be tricky...

Move to Google+

For good or for ill I have now connected my blog to my Google+ account. So if you haven't already; consider joining my gunpla circle. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Banshee Commission WIP

I'm still making some progress on this guy. I haven't slapped all of the armor onto the kit; but the vast majority of it's painted. I still have 20-30 parts that need to be primed and painted. 

Without the armor and in banshee mode; the banshee looks like one lean, mean mother...

Using the 'Banshee Blue' on this kit again. This color has really grown on mt since I first mixed it up. 

All of the starbright-gold areas received a gloss topcoat. The rest of the kit will receive the standard stain topcoat for contrast. 

Each of the gold section on the leg was individually masked and painted with the starbright-gold

The interior of the boosters are painted red too. 

Out of Box Blast Off Prize Announcement

The moment everyone has been patiently waiting for...

Originally I was only going to give out one HG kit as a prize; but after seeing how many participants had registered I decided to triple my offering! I'm going to let the 1st place and 2nd place winners have 1st and 2nd choice respectively; the third place winner will get the remaining kit.

Hit the bump to see the prizes!

If you're a participant make sure you're registration is 100% set!

Friday, March 1, 2013

MG Sinanju OVA is ready to launch!

MG Sinanju OVA is ready to launch!

Joe from Modelgrade just informed me that the MG Sinanju OVA group buy is now live. Hop on the band wagon and grab a preorder for this kit before it's too late!

Here are the details:

Special preorder price $82.99
Flat rate $5 shipping
Plus you'll receive a free $5 coupon for your next order!

Deal ends March 20th; expected release date is April 2013.
Deal is open to US & Canadian addresses only. Free shipping is only valid for the US customers

Order yours now!

1: Add the special Sinanju OVA to your shopping cart
2: Proceed to checkout. 
3: On the 5th step you'll be able to enter the coupon code REDDITDEAL to get the discount (look at those $1000 melt away!). You may need to change the shipping option before completing checkout.
4: Done!

OOBBO Registration is closed

Registration is now closed.

Best of luck to the participants that have entered.

If you have registered but haven't followed the blog you will have until Sunday March 3rd to follow; otherwise you will be removed as a participant. Your names are highlighted in red.

Remeber to follow the rules laid out here.

Submit three photos of your kit; at least one needs to feature your kit with a notecard with the name you're entering under for verification.
Entries are due by midnight April 21st; you can submit photos of your kit to my email address.


UC Era
Justinius HG Zudah
Nayiro HG Nu Gundam HWS
Mrliquidjesus HG The-O
Breakbeat HG Sinanju
GaiKotsu HG Jesta Cannon
Tony Monaco/AmonacoKSU HG Acguy
Rosc HG Hazel
BRC HG 144 Ex-S 
Harry HG Unicorn destroy mode
Blakjakz HG Blue Destiny Unit 1
SchizophrenicMC HG Unicorn Gundam
TheSpanishDevil HG Sazabi
Citrus HG Zudah/Hazel
Effion Prime HG Banshee Destroy Mode
Kapil M HG Palace Athene 
Steve R HG Kshatriya
tter HG Delta Plus

Gundam Seed

Cherrycat R-11 LaGowe Remastered
Corey Scott HG Mobile Cgue
Andrew S/Nightmareofsolomon HG M1 Astray
Zrob HG Buster

Gundam 00

Wally Kurrimboccus HG 00 Seven Sword/G
GHanshew HG Exia Repair II
Wildo HG Harute 
The Anti HG Tieren Ground 

Gundam Age
Hudson/Tasty Cat HG Age Fx
BLOGGGGGG/Philip HG Age-1 Normal
Austin Woo HG Age FX
Waynshaun HG Age 2 Artemis
Akuma HG Farsia

Gundam Builders

Terry HG  Beargguy expo version