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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Out of Box Blast Off Prize Announcement

The moment everyone has been patiently waiting for...

Originally I was only going to give out one HG kit as a prize; but after seeing how many participants had registered I decided to triple my offering! I'm going to let the 1st place and 2nd place winners have 1st and 2nd choice respectively; the third place winner will get the remaining kit.

Hit the bump to see the prizes!

If you're a participant make sure you're registration is 100% set!

Here are the prizes:

High Grade AMX-009 Dreissen [Unicorn Version]

High Grade MS-09/09-R Dom/Rick Dom

The Dreissen's great grand pappy. 

No Grade 1/400 Alpha Azieru

This is a very interesting kit; not only does it come in a large MG sized box; but the kit is pre-painted by Bandai!

It even has a tiny 1/400 Nu Gundam and Sazabi.