Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Barbatos 6th Form


It's been a really, really, long time since I have done any sort of "build off" type event with anyone else in the community. I'm not a super competitive person by nature and I don't consider modeling or art in general to be competitive activities. However, I find a build off and a hard deadline can help me try new things and focus my attention.

Kit Talk:

The HG Barbatos is undeniably an amazing, inexpensive and modular design. However, that doesn't mean it isn't without it's pitfalls. This kit has a lot of hollow areas and it definitely requires some modification, masking and detail painting to get it looking right.

From the outset I knew that I needed to do something beyond my normal clean built style. The 6th form of the Barbatos is probably the least popular version of the HG Barbatos. The HG version of the 6th form is weirdly out of proportion; the shoulder and chest armor is too large and chunky. The blocky forearm armor looks like the mobile suit is wearing cardboard boxes, and the high heeled feet are the absolute worst incarnation of this design; blech!

In a very broad sense, my modifications were based on the design of the Hi-Resolution Barbatos 6th form. The Hi-Res version of the 6th form is absolutely gorgeous, and I have seriously been considering picking it up!

I used the HG Barbatos 6th form as a base and pulled components from the 4th form and Barbatos Lupus.

For paint I chose to use a off white, slightly de-saturated color scheme. The 'white' used on this kit is Gaia Color Neutral Gray #1 and each of the primary colors has this color incorporated into it to tone the color down.

This build features way more hand brushing than any previous build. The symbols on the chest and knees, details on the face, backpack, weapon, feet, side skirts, etc, etc, etc all feature some amount hand brushed vallejo details.

The decals are leftovers from the sheet included with a copy of Model Graphix. I purchased this decal set to complete the Ryusei-Go earlier in the year.

If you haven't already seen the work in progress posts you can check them out here:

Work in Progress 1

Work in Progress 2

These WIP posts will get into the meat of the modifications performed on this kit which will not be present in this post.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Barbatos Build Off work in progress part 2

Welcome to the second and final WIP post for the Barbatos build off project with Saint-ism. This will be the last post as I stopped documenting the work due to running out of time. While I still technically have 7 days to finish the project, I will spend 4 of those days traveling for work, with no ability to work on the model. Despite not being documented here the kit is currently fully painted, detailed, decaled and waiting to be top-coated.  

The biggest problem I face when working on modified kit, is determining when to stop modifying and move on. I'm sure that I could have pushed the build further; scribed more panel lines, added more pla-plate. But, I'm not sure that more modification would have benefited the kit.  

Early into the project I intended on using the stock feet. The heel parts are hollow for the most part. I used Tamiya's epoxy putty to fill in these areas along with the areas behind the knees on the leg armor.

I used plastic plate on the back of the skirt armor to fill in the hollow areas. In hind sight I should have spent more time on this area and layered the plate with cutouts or scribing.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Barbatos Build Off work in progress part 1

For those not in the know I'm currently participating in a Barbatos themed build off with my buddy Saitnism! He and I are each tackling a different variation of the Brabatos Gundam from Iron Blooded Orphans.

I chose to build the 6th form of the Barbatos Gundam, this is the final variant of the Barbatos from the first season, and the mobile suit features from pretty serious upgrades.

My goal for the build was to enhance the base kit by incorporating parts from other Barbatos variants, pla plating and modifying the base kit.

Work started with the chest.

I cut out the notch at the bottom of the chest and reduced the amount of material to either side.

1/72 A Wing Star Fighter


Unlike the classic X-Wing the A-Wing receives preciously little screen time throughout the Star Wars films. The A wing relies on mobility and speed to maintain an edge in battle; the slim fuselage and large engines reinforce this idea. 

This might be a controversial opinion, but I think weathering builds are much easier and quicker then clean built kits. There's way more room for error, and many mistakes that might ruin a clean build kit can add to the appearance of a weathered design.

Kit Talk:

I purchased this kit as a warm up for the PG Millennium Falcon. I wanted a quick project to practice weathering, pre-shading and many of the other skills needed to create the believable worn appearance that is iconic of many of the great Star Wars designs. 

The body was pre-shaded with black or navy blue depending on the main color. I also used a melamine foam sponge to very lightly buff and sand the top color. Weathering wash, dry brushing, powdered weathering media and other techniques were used to make the design appear worn. I didn't push the weathering on the design as far as on the X-wing, but it still has a seasoned appearance.

The small size of this kit only required about 12 hours from unwrapping the kit to taking the photos.

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Real Grade MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam


There is a good chance that if you're interested in Gunpla, then you've heard about the Real Grade Zeta Gundam. I think this is the kit that inspired the 'Real Grenade' moniker often associated with some of the Real Grade kits.

I know that a lot of people consider the RG Zeta to be a 'bad kit'; but, I don't hate the RG Zeta. I think the RG Zeta's design is over engineered and too ambitious and unfortunately the kit sacrifices many of the fundamentals that make up a good kit. Despite all of this, I have wanted to build another Zeta ever since Justin gave me his half finished RG Zeta years ago.

Kit Talk:

Unlike a lot of recent builds, I did not modify the design in anyway. It is essentially a painted, decaled and detailed out of box build.

The first Zeta I built was painted like Amuro's Zeta III the 'White Unicorn', I started painting mine before Bandai announced their intent to release the P-Bandai version. This version of the Zeta has the classic (and thoroughly 80s styled) color scheme. I chose to exclude the gold and silver color details and utilized yellow and grey to subdue the colors a bit. This is the first build that is painted almost entirely with Gaia Color paints. Only the silver and clear colors used on the sensors are for the Mr.Color line.

Assembling this kit is nerve wracking. It isn't a matter of if, it's a matter of how badly you're going to scratch up the paint during construction. 

I used the official set of decals for this build, but I supplemented a few from the recent Zeta and Double Zeta decal set to give the design a more 'Katoki Style' fair with the ship and allegiance designation on both shoulders.

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