Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Real Grade MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam


There is a good chance that if you're interested in Gunpla, then you've heard about the Real Grade Zeta Gundam. I think this is the kit that inspired the 'Real Grenade' moniker often associated with some of the Real Grade kits.

I know that a lot of people consider the RG Zeta to be a 'bad kit'; but, I don't hate the RG Zeta. I think the RG Zeta's design is over engineered and too ambitious and unfortunately the kit sacrifices many of the fundamentals that make up a good kit. Despite all of this, I have wanted to build another Zeta ever since Justin gave me his half finished RG Zeta years ago.

Kit Talk:

Unlike a lot of recent builds, I did not modify the design in anyway. It is essentially a painted, decaled and detailed out of box build.

The first Zeta I built was painted like Amuro's Zeta III the 'White Unicorn', I started painting mine before Bandai announced their intent to release the P-Bandai version. This version of the Zeta has the classic (and thoroughly 80s styled) color scheme. I chose to exclude the gold and silver color details and utilized yellow and grey to subdue the colors a bit. This is the first build that is painted almost entirely with Gaia Color paints. Only the silver and clear colors used on the sensors are for the Mr.Color line.

Assembling this kit is nerve wracking. It isn't a matter of if, it's a matter of how badly you're going to scratch up the paint during construction. 

I used the official set of decals for this build, but I supplemented a few from the recent Zeta and Double Zeta decal set to give the design a more 'Katoki Style' fair with the ship and allegiance designation on both shoulders.

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Getting this kit to stand up straight is a battle due to the design of the legs, feet and the eright of the backpack.

You can tell by this photo that I had to adjust the legs again, and now it's leaning forward.

The long rifle design used on this kit, and it's descendants like the Rezel limit how the kit can pose with their rifles.

The shield will also limit the movement of the arm.

The RG Zeta has a proprietary action base adapter that only works with some stands. I don't have one of those stands right now. So I made do with the standard 'fork' adapter included with the larger style of action bases.

Yeah, beam javelins are cool, but having a beam rifle, that is also a beam sword is cooler.

Both beam sabers are painted with a gradient.

The teeny tiny font below the A.E.U.G. logo is so small, I thought it was just a line until I whipped out the macro lens.

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