Barbatos Build Off work in progress part 2

Welcome to the second and final WIP post for the Barbatos build off project with Saint-ism. This will be the last post as I stopped documenting the work due to running out of time. While I still technically have 7 days to finish the project, I will spend 4 of those days traveling for work, with no ability to work on the model. Despite not being documented here the kit is currently fully painted, detailed, decaled and waiting to be top-coated.  

The biggest problem I face when working on modified kit, is determining when to stop modifying and move on. I'm sure that I could have pushed the build further; scribed more panel lines, added more pla-plate. But, I'm not sure that more modification would have benefited the kit.  

Early into the project I intended on using the stock feet. The heel parts are hollow for the most part. I used Tamiya's epoxy putty to fill in these areas along with the areas behind the knees on the leg armor.

I used plastic plate on the back of the skirt armor to fill in the hollow areas. In hind sight I should have spent more time on this area and layered the plate with cutouts or scribing.

Small plastic plate was added to the forearm armor.

Pla-Plate was inserted into the forearm armor to fill in the gap between the 6th form shield and the 4th form armor. .

Pla-rod was inserted into the clavicle frame to represent the (hydraulic?) system that connects the chest to the arms.

Plastic plate was also added to the backpack, butt armor and leg armor.

Plastic plate was added to the codpiece, front skirt and thigh armor.

This is version 1.5 and the last time the kit is using strictly 6th version components. You can also see that I filled the pommel of the wrench hammer with epoxy putty.

The blocky rectangular arms of the 6th form are unappealing boxes. I purchased a 4th form Barbatos and retrofitted the armor. The slimmer curvier arms look more appealing and they fit around the hip thrusters much easier.

The feet on this kit come from the Lupus Rex as they have a similar design, but look a whole lot better than 6th form version.

Using pla-plate and detail accessories I made inserts for the feet instead of the epoxy putty.