1/72 A Wing Star Fighter


Unlike the classic X-Wing the A-Wing receives preciously little screen time throughout the Star Wars films. The A wing relies on mobility and speed to maintain an edge in battle; the slim fuselage and large engines reinforce this idea. 

This might be a controversial opinion, but I think weathering builds are much easier and quicker then clean built kits. There's way more room for error, and many mistakes that might ruin a clean build kit can add to the appearance of a weathered design.

Kit Talk:

I purchased this kit as a warm up for the PG Millennium Falcon. I wanted a quick project to practice weathering, pre-shading and many of the other skills needed to create the believable worn appearance that is iconic of many of the great Star Wars designs. 

The body was pre-shaded with black or navy blue depending on the main color. I also used a melamine foam sponge to very lightly buff and sand the top color. Weathering wash, dry brushing, powdered weathering media and other techniques were used to make the design appear worn. I didn't push the weathering on the design as far as on the X-wing, but it still has a seasoned appearance.

The small size of this kit only required about 12 hours from unwrapping the kit to taking the photos.
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There are two clear lenses buried in the back of the engines, perfect for LEDs if you're into that sort of thing.

I broke and glued the front landing strut back on. You can tell that it's slightly out of alignment.

The pilot was hand painted with vallejo paints.

I should have spent more time painting the gauges.

This kit also includes a Death Star turbo laser tower.

Unlike the other Star Wars star fighters I have built, this kit does not include an option for a cockpit without glass.

If Bandai releases a B-Wing I'll be satisfied with my rebel star fighter collection