Thursday, February 28, 2019

HG MSK-008 Dijeh


I feel like the Dijeh (De-Jay) is one of those designs that simply doesn’t get enough love. 

The Dijeh was a prototype mobile suit developed by Karaba based on the Rick Dias. During the Gryps War Amuro Ray piloted a Dijeh during the events of Zeta. Later, just prior to operation Phoenix Hunt we see several operatives from Luio & Company piloting several Dijehs during Narrative.  

To me, the Dijeh looks like a spiritual successor to the MS-14 Gelgoog. It shares a similar head design a beam naginata and wide flared armor at the waist and around the legs. 

Kit Talk:

The HG Dijeh is a really solid High Grade release. It only has a few seam lines that need to be fused, a good overall amount of detail and pretty decent articulation considering the design. I would have appreciated the inclusion of the Hyper Mega beam cannon from the HG Zeta evolution type, but it’s understandable that it wasn’t included. 

There is a P-Bandai variant on the horizon. But, the variations on this release: (a shoulder lamp and restyled beam rifle) aren’t enough to encourage me to order one.

Here are the colors I mixed up:

Mermaid Green: (my wife really likes this color). 70% Gaia Emerald Green, 15% Gaia Color Blue Gray & 15% Mr. Color sky blue

Dark Blue: 85% Gaia Color Midnight Blue & 15% Pure White

Grey Purple: 70%  Gaia Color Neutral Gray #3 & 30% Gaia Color Purple Violet

Yellow: 90% Gaia Color Sunshine Yellow, 10% Gaia Color Yellow Orange

Red: Gaia Color 100% Bright Red

Metallic Gray Weapons: Neutral Gray IV + Black + Gunmetal

Mono Eye: Gaia Color 100% Fluorescent Pink

I really didn’t have anything planned for a decal scheme when I started this build. But, I eventually stumbled across this Tamashi Nation Signature Dijeh figure. I ended up really liking the RG style of the design and opted to replicated elements of it. I used decals from the RG Sinanju, HG Blue Destiny and Zeta/ZZ decal packs to create something similar.


I didn't notice the grab at at the fingers while taking these photos...

This kit is currently available from JoJoHobbyandStuff! You can get an extra 10% off just about anything in their store using coupon code "GOODGUNPLA". JoJo provided this kit to me to build and review, so show them some love!

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