HG RX 121-1 TR-1 Hazel Custom Gundam


I don't really know much about Advance of Zeta. I know that the Titans Test Team experimented with mobile suits to help their faction to gain an edge in battle. I know the names of the mobile suits are a reference to the Richard Adams book: Watership Down. And I know that the Hazel is less of a Gundam and more of a fancy pants GM.

The Gundam Hazel Custom (not to be confused with the Hazel Gundam, Advanced Hazel Gundam or Hazel II Gundam) is the repaired form of the Rx 121 Hazel which is based on the GM Quel. And... at this point I expect my audience's eyes to glaze over. Yes, the AOZ MS names are irritating and I can't be bothered to write more of the development history out. Suffice to say: rabbit team add parts to robot and robot fight good. 

Kit Talk:

This is the P-Bandai re-release of the HG Hazel. It's the same kit from 10-15 years ago but it does include parts that can be used to bash the Wound Wort onto it and some water slides decals.

The HG Hazel is a rough kit, It has more than a few seam lines these are present on the shoulders, arms, weapons, feet among other areas. Some of the seam lines like the fore arms took some clever thinking to fix.

You can also expect that a fair amount of masking and painting will be necessary to hit all of the color applications. Hand painting was an absolute must to hit smaller details like the gray cross members in the mohawk.

On the flip side, this kit can be combined with a few others like the Primrose and Hurududu (expect that one in a few weeks) to make some cool combos.

Also I want to point out how absolutely amazing the decal details are on this little guy. I had to bring out the macro lens to capture everything!

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I painted the 'hollows' of each shield too for funsies.

The sensor lens of the beam rifle is a piece of pla-plate painted with pearl green and inserted into the sight.

The shield booster can be plugged into the backpack to engage hands-free umbrella mode.