RG Crossbone Gundam X-1


Nope, still haven't read the Crossbone Manga. But, hey 'Giant Pirate Robot' is an interesting enough concept for me. Like the Master Grade one of the best elements of the RG Crossbone are the host of weapons and elements included with this kit. It has a plethora of melee and ranged weapons, some great beam effects and a sweet poncho.

Kit Talk:

This was a pretty quick and basic build. I opted to 'RG-ify' the paint scheme by using a light grey in addition to the white to break up the larger areas. The red 'scars' by the eyes were painted tamiya's red enamel using a reverse wash. Many of the beam effects (particularly the shield) were painted with various pearl paints to reflect different colors at different angles.

The cloak was shaded using post and pre-shading along with using black pastels to create low lights.

Decals are from Flaming Snow by way of HobbyFrontline. The decals are of decent quality but I would have preferred to have the gold decals printed in Yellow instead of the gold.

JojoHobbyNStuff was able to get me this kit in advance of the official US release. So, show them (and me) some love by picking up this kit, or anything else using coupon code 'GoodGunpla'! This coupon will save you 10% on just about everything in stock!