1/48 RX-78 F00 Yokohama Gundam


Do you know what my big issue with this kit is? Once I finished it I immediately regretted not having the full Mega-Sized kit. The Yokohama version of the Gundam is probably my favorite version since the old 3.0 design. It's too bad that sourcing the Mega-Sized version is difficult in the US.  

I rescribed some lines on this kit, and added aurora domes to the clavicle lights? cameras? All of the painted colors were based on the ratios listed within the manual, but they aren't exact because I used Gaianote's paint. The metallic color used throughout the kit is a mixture of silver, titanium and gold; and the thrusters are a mixture of silver, iron and clear blue. Decals are from Delpi Decal.