Star Wars 1/72 A-Wing


During November 2020 my Discord group decided to do a 'ships of the line' group build. And, as the name suggests we all built some type of 'ship'. I built three 'starships' for the event: an A-Wing, X-Wing, and Lando's version of the Millennium Falcon. Each ship presented some unique and interesting challenges and each ship presented me with new opportunities to practice old and new skills out. This is the final kit in that series. 

Kit Talk:

I built this kit once a few years ago. Back then I painted the kit like the movie version. However, since I did that already I decided to give it a custom color scheme this time. I'm not super familiar with Star Wars outside of the movies and a few games, but I have heard of 'Blue Squadron'. So I decided to give this a blue and white color scheme.

I originally didn't plan on painting the landing gear or the hatches, but at the last minute I went back and painted it. I don't have an exact match for the blue strip on the hatches, but I think it's close enough that most people won't notice. 


White: Nazca Steel White

Blue: Cobalt Blue, Ultra Blue & a Pinch of tan

Yellow: Sunshine Yellow & a pinch of tan.