Star Wars 1/72 X-Wing


During November 2020 my Discord group decided to do a 'ships of the line' group build. And, as the name suggests we all built some type of 'ship'. I built three 'star ships' for the event: an A-Wing, X-Wing, and Lando's version of the Millennium Falcon. Each ship presented some unique and interesting challenges and each ship presented me with new opportunities to practice old and new skills out.

Kit Talk:

Among the three kits painted for the event, the X Wing was the most detailed. You may not have noticed in the film, but Luke's 'Red Five' X-Wing is made of a mishmash of different panels. Almost like the armor was taken from two or three other X-Wings. It's a striking look that I really appreciate. 

I won't claim and film accuracy with my model, I'm sure the colors are all slightly off, but I did hit all the major applications. I didn't notice that I painted the spirals on the two blaster cannons in the wrong direction until I was done with the model (whoops).  


Under Coat. Gaia Evo Surfacer Black

Base Coat: Nazca Steel White

Red: Gaia Bright Red & Natural Brown

Yellow: Sunshine Yellow, White, Beige Mix

Beige Mix: Sunshine Yellow, Natural Brown, White

Blue: Ultra Blue, Neutral Gray #2