Monday, March 18, 2013

MG Banshee OVA Commission Complete

This is a commission kit for the same client as the 00 Seven Sword/G

I have been working daily on this kit for a few weeks now, and I really like how it came together. This isn't the first MG Banshee OVA I have built, bit it may be my preferred version. My client asked that his Banshee follow the design I used for mine; however I made several small improvements that I wanted to implement on the first. 

Improvements like:

Color matched the 'neck and collar' with the frame.

Color matched the beam saber connectors with the waist. 
Applied decals to the 'front' of the Armored Armor VN.
Gloss coated the gold parts.

Hit the bump for the full gallery!


I used most of the same colors on this kit, as I did the last.

Body Armor:

70% Midnight Blue
20% Black
10% Purple

Feet & Backpack:

100% Black

100% Medium Grey

V fin & Horn:

 100% Star Bright Gold


100% Bright Orange

Thruster Exterior:

 100% Star Bright Duralinium 

Thruster Interior:

 100% Bright Red 

Mobile Suit:

No posing for client kits I'm afraid! Check back soon for more kits, tutorials and group buys!

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