Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Patreon Anniversary!

patreon.com/GGD I am happy to announce that my special offer to celebrate 1 year on Patreon has begun! Anyone that signs up for a $5 or higher contribution will receive a set of special stickers! Thanks to all of my current and future supporters!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

RG Sazabi JoJoHobbyNStuff Custom


When I completed the build of the RG Sazabi I lavished it with praise in my review. And, after revisiting this kit to finish it I have to say that my opinion still holds true. The RG Sazabi is a fantastic kit, and it may still be the best Real Grade and best version of the Sazabi currently available.  

This kit was provided to me by JoJoHobbyNStuff. Use coupon code "GOODGUNPLA" to receive 10% off your order on this kit, or most other items for sale on the site! Every purchase you make with this coupon helps to directly support my work as well! 

Kit Talk

I reviewed this kit less than a week before we picked up and moved across the country. As a result, it was moved to the back burner as I started working on other kits. Then, one day Shin from JoJoHobbyNStuff asked if I would be willing to paint it for him as a commission. I didn't really have any exciting ideas for this model so I said sure.

Shin picked all of the colors on this kit. It's a little darker than I typically like to go, but the bright 'glowing purple' really helps to liven things up. The purple for reference is Gaia Color's clear purple over a base coat of starbright duralinium. 

The decals I used on this kit are from Flaming Snow Water Decals. I'm not sponsored by them or anything, but I think they make an amazing product. 


This kit was provided to me by JoJoHobbyNStuff. Use coupon code "GOODGUNPLA" to receive 10% off your order on this kit, or most other items for sale on the site! Every purchase you make with this coupon helps to directly support my work as well! 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

EVA-00 Evangelion Prototype TV Version


As the name would suggest Evangelion Unit 00 was the very first operational Evangelion. However, as a prototype, it was not actually intended for combat. During the events of the story Unit 00 is upgraded to have the iconic shoulder pylons and Unit 02 style armor plates at this point the unit also received the blue color scheme.

Speaking of which if you purchase either of these kits through the Amazon links on my site, Amazon will provide me with a tiny percentage that helps me to things keep running. The best part is, it doesn’t cost you a dime! So consider supporting me with a purchase through Amazon today!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Orbital Frame Jehuty


The mecha ‘Orbital Frame Jehuty’ is from Zone of the Enders game series. It started as the protagonist’s mecha in both the original and sequel games on the PS2. Zone of the Enders is a Konami franchise (back before they only made pachinko and hot garbage games) and it’s a series produced by Hideo Kojima. Zone of the Enders The Second Runner (MARS) received an HD remaster recently for the PS4. It’s a very competent high-speed action game. The early 2000s voice acting misses the mark slightly, but the cut scenes are well animated the combat is fast and fun. I’ve recommended this series before, if you missed out on it, I’d really recommend checking it out.

This model it is produced by Kotobukiya. That means it can take a long time between print runs of their models. If you would like to pick up either Jehuty or it’s sister suit Anubis, you should grab it while they’re in stock before their price goes through the roof.

Speaking of which if you purchase either of these kits through the Amazon links on my site, Amazon will provide me with a tiny percentage that helps me to things keep running. The best part is, it doesn’t cost you a dime! So consider supporting me with a purchase through Amazon today!

Kit Talk:

In general Kotobukiya’s kits aren’t quite as well designed as Bandai’s. Are 6-10 seam lines or pairs of seam lines that need to be fused on this kit. Including at the elbows, feet, shoulders, knees and wings among others. None of these are particularly challenging, but I would encourage you to fix them if you’re going to paint your kit.
Regarding paint… I translated the full-color guide below. All colors correspond to Mr. Color Line:

Body Gray
13 Neutral Gray 65%
1 White 30%
67 Purple 5%

Body Black
71 Midnight Blue 60%
13 Neutral Gray 30%
14 Navy Blue 10%

Gold Frame
XC01 Pearl Diamond Silver 50%
1 White 25%
58 Orange Yellow 15%
44 Tan 5%
49 Clear Orange 5%

Body White
XC01 Pearl Diamond Silver 90%
1 White 10%

Energy Line
1 White 70%
50 Clear Blue 30%

101 Smoke Gray 100%

Transparent Parts
50 Clear Blue 70%
138 Clear Green 30%

I used a generic set of decals from HIQ and matched them to in-game screenshots for placement. I couldn’t do a 1:1 match as some of the larger decals should be legible.
The blue ‘energy lines’ present across Jehuty were hand painted in using Tamiya’s sky blue enamel paint, and then reverse washing the excess. It’s a super simple technique that makes a huge difference. I panel line some elements of the grey with black and the gold with brown.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

HG Zaku Cannon Test Type


I like the ‘cannon’ type of MS designs. I’m not sure what it is about them, but adding ‘cannon’ to the model name seems to always make for a better design!

The Zaku Cannon Test Type was the P-Bandai companion to the standard Zaku ‘Half Cannon’ design. I really like the Zaku line from Origin, but unfortunately, the standard release doesn’t include many of the more interesting elements of the Cannon Test Type such as the redesigned head and new chest. Bandai has also announced that the HG Zaku Cannon is coming later this year. It’s similar to the Cannon Test Type, but it features a new set of legs and different color scheme.

Since this kit is a P-Bandai release it may or may not still be available when you’re reading this. But if you’d like to support my work you can purchase this kit (or anything else) through this Amazon link. As an affiliate, I receive a small percentage of anything you purchase, and it doesn’t cost you anything! 

Kit Talk: 

This kit features many of the same design elements of other Origin kits. So many of the same modifications and fixes from prior builds in this series apply.

Seam line fusions include the forearms, lower legs, deltoids, rounded shoulder armor, and shoulder cannon. I added a HIQ aurora gem as a replacement mono-eye. The arms supporting the side mounted launches come hollow from the factory, so I filled them in using Milliput. I replaced the stock hands with a smaller pair form the Build Hands Rounded Set. And, lastly, I added and sharpened pla plate to each spike on the shoulder to make them pointier.

The spiked shoulder armor comes molded with a rough ‘cast metal’ type texture. I wanted to keep this feature so I sprayed this part with minimally thinned Mr. Surfacer 500 primer to give it a very rough texture. The layers of paint and topcoat diminished this effect slightly.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an official decal set available for this kit. I made my decal scheme piecemeal from a variety of sources including the Origin Multipack the RG Zaku 2 and the Zeon DX 05 decal pack.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

GoodGuyCollab: HG EWAC Jegan


This is the first collaborative patron build of 2019! I’d like to thank Rhea for submitting this kit to me for the collab, along with all the other patrons that participated. The collab is my favorite ongoing event to come out of my Patreon, and I look forward to completing several more this year!

Let’s talk about the RGM-89DEW EWAC Jegan. I don’t like the Jegan. I think the Jegan is the worst version of the GM. I hate the color, I don’t like the weird mixture of blocky and curvy. Really, the only positive thing that I can say about the Jegan is that it explodes really nicely. All that out of the way, the EWAC Jegan is… interesting. It’s rare to see a mobile suit with as much mass in the head as the rest of the body.

The EWAC Jegan is based on a similar concept as the modern day Early Warning and Control (EWAC). This Jegan operates in a reconnaissance role. It will move ahead of the main force and use its advanced sensors to gather data, identify and spot targets for long range bombardment. As a consequence of its role on the battlefield, the Jegan is lightly armed and the added bulk of the recon gear will likely negatively impact the overall performance.

Based on the design and role the EWAC Jegan occupies, I wanted to use a paint scheme that would make the Jegan harder to detect visually compared to the ‘sickly green’ the Jegan is normally molded in. So far the only EWAC Jegan we’ve seen in the anime has belonged to Londo Bell, but I’d like to think that other branches of the EFSF have also started to use the design. I’ve marked this unit as belonging to ECOAS. As the black ops and wet works branch of the EFSF I would think they would appreciate the tactical data this mobile suit can provide to them. ECOAS predominately uses variants of the RGM-89 Jegan and D-50C; so this Jegan would fit right into their existing force structure.

Kit Talk:

This kit came to me completely built. Normally I don’t do any additional touch or clean up to a collab kit before painting it. But, this kit was very clean and I wanted to clean up a few minor things to make it perfect.

As mentioned earlier I opted for a darker color scheme, the idea being that this would allow the Jegan to blend into its surroundings more easily. The white and orange paint on the recon equipment counteracts this idea entirely… but I like the contrast. It also gave me a chance to do some striped masking work inspired by Rob Cunningham. Another benefit of the primarily dark color scheme is that the pearl gold I used for the sensor array along the head really stands out in a good way. I opted to mask this area twice, once for the color and again for the top coat to maintain the glossy texture of the paint.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

HG RX-160 Byarlant


For a while now I’ve professed my love for the Byarlant design. This is my third HG Byarlant project (the first two were Byarlant Customs from Gundam Unicorn).

One of my favorite things about the Byarlant is the lore behind its design. The Byarlant was designed to be capable of self-sustained flight without transforming. And it does this by basically brute forcing it’s way through the air using massive thrusters situated all over the body. The end result is a mobile suit that works… but there are some sacrifices. The Byarlant’s offensive abilities are limited. It only features a pair of mega particle guns integrated into the hands and a pair of beam sabers. The non-standard set of manipulators also limit the Byarlant’s ability to wield other MS weapons. Also, one can assume that the Byarlant’s operational time would be limited due it’s large brick like nature and lack of aerodynamic surfaces. 

Kit Talk:

The Byarlant has more seamlines than most recent HGs. They’re found all over the arms, shoulders, thighs and on the back fins. I had to use a variety of techniques to disguise, remove or otherwise mode the kit around these elements. None of these fixes were particularly hard, but it’s frustrating to see so many issues present on one kit. If you don’t mind seamlines then don’t let this comment detract from your enjoyment of this kit.

A big reason I opted to build the Byarlant right after the Dijeh is because they have a lot of similar colors in common.  As a result, the colors below are almost all adapted from the colors used on the 

Mermaid Green: (my wife really likes this color). 70% Gaia Emerald Green, 15% Gaia Color Blue Gray & 15% Mr. Color sky blue

Dark Blue: 70% Gaia Color Midnight Blue, 15% Purple Violet & 15% Pure White

Grey Purple: 55%  Gaia Color Neutral Gray #3 & 40% Gaia Color Purple Violet & 5% Gaia Color Midnight Blue

Neutral Gray: 100% Gaia Color Neutral Gray #4

Yellow: 60% Gaia Color Sunshine Yellow, 30% Gaia Color Yellow Orange & 10% Gaia Color Pure White

Red: Gaia Color 100% Bright Red

Unlike the Dijeh, I decided to keep the decal scheme on the Byarlant very simple. I only included the Titans logo and the Titan’s name. Since I’ve been on a Zeta kick recently, I made keep the simpler decal scheme in mind once I build the Gabaldy.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

HG MSK-008 Dijeh


I feel like the Dijeh (De-Jay) is one of those designs that simply doesn’t get enough love. 

The Dijeh was a prototype mobile suit developed by Karaba based on the Rick Dias. During the Gryps War Amuro Ray piloted a Dijeh during the events of Zeta. Later, just prior to operation Phoenix Hunt we see several operatives from Luio & Company piloting several Dijehs during Narrative.  

To me, the Dijeh looks like a spiritual successor to the MS-14 Gelgoog. It shares a similar head design a beam naginata and wide flared armor at the waist and around the legs. 

Kit Talk:

The HG Dijeh is a really solid High Grade release. It only has a few seam lines that need to be fused, a good overall amount of detail and pretty decent articulation considering the design. I would have appreciated the inclusion of the Hyper Mega beam cannon from the HG Zeta evolution type, but it’s understandable that it wasn’t included. 

There is a P-Bandai variant on the horizon. But, the variations on this release: (a shoulder lamp and restyled beam rifle) aren’t enough to encourage me to order one.

Here are the colors I mixed up:

Mermaid Green: (my wife really likes this color). 70% Gaia Emerald Green, 15% Gaia Color Blue Gray & 15% Mr. Color sky blue

Dark Blue: 85% Gaia Color Midnight Blue & 15% Pure White

Grey Purple: 70%  Gaia Color Neutral Gray #3 & 30% Gaia Color Purple Violet

Yellow: 90% Gaia Color Sunshine Yellow, 10% Gaia Color Yellow Orange

Red: Gaia Color 100% Bright Red

Metallic Gray Weapons: Neutral Gray IV + Black + Gunmetal

Mono Eye: Gaia Color 100% Fluorescent Pink

I really didn’t have anything planned for a decal scheme when I started this build. But, I eventually stumbled across this Tamashi Nation Signature Dijeh figure. I ended up really liking the RG style of the design and opted to replicated elements of it. I used decals from the RG Sinanju, HG Blue Destiny and Zeta/ZZ decal packs to create something similar.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

MG SYSTEM ∀-99 ∀ Gundam


I received the Turn A Gundam as a gift from redditor u/graymulligan. This was the final kit in the last of ‘gift builds’ that I wanted to finish in January!

I hate to admit it, but I’ve never made it past the 2nd or 3rd episode of the Turn A Gundam anime. I have a few friends that are die-hard fans of the series, but it still hasn’t ‘clicked’ for me. As such I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen the Turn A Gundam on screen.
The A Gundam or Turn A Gundam was design by Syd Mead. If you’re a fan of sci-fi from the 70s, 80s and 90s you’re probably very familiar with Mr. Mead’s body of work.

Kit Talk:

The design of the Turn A Gundam is… weird. And so, I decided that I was going to do something pretty different from my normal paint process.

I created pearl colors for each of the armor colors. The mixtures are below:

White: Gaia Color Ultimate White & Mr. Crystal Color Diamond Silver 1:1

Yellow: Gaia Color Sunshine Yellow & Mr. Crystal Color Diamond Silver 1:1

Blue: Gaia Color Cobalt Blue & Mr. Crystal Color Amethyst Blue 1:1

Red: Gaia Color Bright Red & Mr. Crystal Color Diamond Ruby 1:1

Light Gray Gaia Color Neutral Gray #1 & Mr. Color Super Metallic Superfine Silver ¾:¼

Grey Frame: Gaia Color Neutral Gray #4, Gaia Color Gun Metal & Gaia color Black 1:1:a pinch

All of these colors are raw, I haven’t top coated anything to preserve the pearl effect of the paint. I’ll admit that the colors aren’t as ‘punchy’ as I originally hoped. A final topcoat of each respective pearl color would probably have enhanced the effect further.

Overall I really like the pearly metallic finish present throughout the color scheme of the kit.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

HG FA-78-2 Heavy Gundam [Rollout Color]


Shin from JoJoHobbyandStuff sent me this kit as my holiday present last year! Thank you Shin! It was a great build and I love the design and color scheme!

The Heavy Gundam is an MSV design. And unsurprisingly it’s based on a series of planned upgrades for the RX 78-2 Gundam. Unlike the FA 78-1 Full armor which merely added additional armor plating on top of the existing design. The FA 78-2 was designed as a new mobile suit from the ground up. The new design resolved the flaws of the original, removed the core block system, improved mobility, added armor, and integrated weapons. Three units were built, the last unit was completed a full year after the end of the war.

This particular version is the ‘Roll Out’ version. Basically, from a kit perspective, the only difference between this and the original P-Bandai release of the Heavy Gundam is a color palette swap. I really like the white, grey and orange color scheme. The color combo really just screams ‘prototype’ to me.

Kit Talk:

There isn’t too much to say about my Heavy Gundam. It’s a clean out of the box build, (just the way I like it). 

This model is actually based on the Origin Gm’s design instead of the Local Type Gundam. The Origin GM is one of the best HGs on the market right now, so I was very happy with this build.

I removed the seam lines along the shoulder cannon, beam rifle, and head. 

Added some slight scribing to the head and chest. 

And I hand painted or masked a few details on the chest, legs, and feet. The decals from this kit are taken from the Gundam Decal Origin Multipack. Unfortunately, there isn’t an official decal set for this kit, so I had to make do with what was available. As a result, I did add an RX-78 decal to the chest even know this is the FA-78.