Thursday, February 14, 2019

HG FA-78-2 Heavy Gundam [Rollout Color]


Shin from JoJoHobbyandStuff sent me this kit as my holiday present last year! Thank you Shin! It was a great build and I love the design and color scheme!

The Heavy Gundam is an MSV design. And unsurprisingly it’s based on a series of planned upgrades for the RX 78-2 Gundam. Unlike the FA 78-1 Full armor which merely added additional armor plating on top of the existing design. The FA 78-2 was designed as a new mobile suit from the ground up. The new design resolved the flaws of the original, removed the core block system, improved mobility, added armor, and integrated weapons. Three units were built, the last unit was completed a full year after the end of the war.

This particular version is the ‘Roll Out’ version. Basically, from a kit perspective, the only difference between this and the original P-Bandai release of the Heavy Gundam is a color palette swap. I really like the white, grey and orange color scheme. The color combo really just screams ‘prototype’ to me.

Kit Talk:

There isn’t too much to say about my Heavy Gundam. It’s a clean out of the box build, (just the way I like it). 

This model is actually based on the Origin Gm’s design instead of the Local Type Gundam. The Origin GM is one of the best HGs on the market right now, so I was very happy with this build.

I removed the seam lines along the shoulder cannon, beam rifle, and head. 

Added some slight scribing to the head and chest. 

And I hand painted or masked a few details on the chest, legs, and feet. The decals from this kit are taken from the Gundam Decal Origin Multipack. Unfortunately, there isn’t an official decal set for this kit, so I had to make do with what was available. As a result, I did add an RX-78 decal to the chest even know this is the FA-78.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

MG MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki 2.0


The MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0 is one of my favorite models of the last few years. It nails absolutely all of the fundamentals of good model design. The proportions look great, the detail is just right, the design pulls similar elements from the MG Nu Gundam Ver. Ka and honestly the pre-painted gold doesn’t look awful. That didn’t stop me from stripping it and repainting it, but I think most people would be satisfied with the color right out of the box.

This kit was actually a gift from the 2017 R/Gunpla Secret Santa. I regret taking so long to finish this build. So a belated thank you goes out to u/captplanetz who generously provided this kit to me during the gift exchange.

This is my first build of 2019, Happy New Year! The bright (borderline gaudy) gold and silver feel appropriately celebratory. Here’s to another year of cranking out little plastic robots!

Kit Talk:

I really want to emphasize that the gold on this kit was fully stripped and repainted. I made an effort to source a bottle of Mr. Color’s Gundam Color XUG 06 Hyaku Shiki-Gold. I really love the finish of this paint, and it may actually be my go-to gold from here on out. The metal flake in this gold is very finely ground, and very similar in consistency to their line of Super Metallic paints.
In addition to the gold here are the other colors I used:

Gaia Colors

Inner Frame: neutral gray IV + black

Red Pipes & Feet: bright red + pinch of ultra blue

Chest & Backpack: ultra blue + midnight blue + grey-blue

Weapons: neutral gray IV + black + gunmetal

Silver Details: star bright duralumin

Eyes: scarlet

Mr. Color

Gold Armor: Gundam Color Hyaku Shiki-Gold

Sensors: Base coat of Super Metallic silver, Overcoat of clear green and tourmaline green 

Decals for this kit were sourced from a 3rd party decal set available on eBay. The overall quality is just ‘okay’. The large decals are well detailed, properly spelled and the small writing is legible. The finer ‘caution’ decals are incomplete, inconsistent and generally just not great. The AG Argama decal on the wing binder was the only decal sourced from an official Bandai set (Zeta & ZZ Multiuse).

Overall this was a pretty simple build. I wanted to contrast the bright raw colors of the metallic against the flatter colors of the red blue and gray. I used hand brushing to paint the silver joints between the red pipes on the backpack and knees as well as a few other small details.

I, unfortunately, lost a few pieces like the hand inserts to the beam sabers and the silver details above the knuckles. I built this kit while still living in New York, and it doesn’t look like those parts made it to the Texas Colony...