Gunpla Builders Parts 1/100 Spike and MS Sight Lens

The Builders Parts series is a relatively new line of optional detail parts Bandai released in 2012. Since the initial release the kit series has exploded to include, weapons, figures, hands, effects, verniers and much more. And unlike some of the older B-club optional kits made of resin, the new Builder Parts kits are made of polystyrene.

Despite being on the market for a while, I was surprised to not see many reviews or images of parts being used. I decided that Ramba Ral's Zaku 2 could use some special custom parts, so I purchased the MS Sight Lens and MS Spike 01 sets from for about $7, $8 respectively. The MS Spike 01 set is specifically designed for 1/100 applications (Bandai also sells a 1/144 size too), and the sight lenses will work on both 1/144 and 1/100 applications.

MS Spike 01 1/100 Set

The package:

The contents:

This kit includes enough parts to build 18 spikes.

The instructions are printed on the inside of the folded card stock.

Each spike set contains three different types of spike bases and three different spikes.

The parts are molded in polystyrene, the sprue nubs were small to begin with and completely unnoticeable after 1-2 passes of sand paper.

The light grey color the spikes come molded in should be very easy to cover with white or grey primer.

The spikes and bases are completely interchangeable! Mix and match to find the combination that you like.

The spikes fit in the Zaku 2.0's shoulder armor with no modification or glue.

Compared to the stock spikes the Gunpla Builders are noticeably pointier. 

The Gunpla Builder spike set is a very attractive alternative to purchasing metal spikes on ebay. Most of the spike sets on ebay cost between $9-12 for 3 spikes. This set includes 18 interchangeable spikes for $8.

MS Sight Lens 01 Set

The package:

I purchased a set of clear lens; I believe that this set also comes in a clear green and clear pink variety. However the clear uncolored plastic lens offer the most versatility if you plan on painting them.

The contents:

The kit comes with two identical sets of lenses and bases. It's difficult to tell from the image, but there are five different sizes of lenses that correspond to five different sizes of bases. Within each different group of five sizes there are three different styles of lenses. Therefore each kit provides enough parts to create two identical sets of bases and lenses per size. 

Like the spike set, the lens set includes a set of direction on the inside of the folded card stock.

The different sized lenses can be added to weapon scopes for added detail.

The lenses can also be added to one of the included base parts to add a lens to an existing kit.

The two smallest sizes (12 lenses total) come with a pre-drilled hole in the back of the lens base. By widening the size of the hole I was able to add a lens and lens base to a Zaku 2.0 head. 

The lens kits are a good way of improving the detail of a kit, however compared to the spike set, they require more work to modify a lens or base to find a kit.