MG Delta Plus Complete

Although I can't say I really enjoyed building the last MG Delta Plus, I decided to build another. I made this decision mostly out of a desire to experiment with panel scribing and color separation. The panel lines on this kit were scribed by eye, I didn't mark out a pattern ahead of time, and I only used a small ruler and some tape to determine where my lines would fall.  I plan on purchasing a digital caliper to create more complex and accurate lines on the next scribed kit.

Overall I'm happy with about 90% of the panel lines I created, however there are still a few rough spots, and some accidental lines that I didn't fill.

I decided to slightly modify the Delta's color scheme, I incorporated the blue into the outside edge of the wings. I experimented by mixing clear and metallic paints together instead of applying the clear over the metallic. Overall I'm pretty happy with the tinted metallic effect.

The decal set used on this kit is from Globaltoy over on ebay. The print quality of the decals is pretty good. But they did screw up the large Londo Bell decals (notice how it says Lond Bell). 

The first time I clear coated this kit, the coat came out foggy. I quickly dunked the kit a windex/water mixture to strip the acrylic topcoat off. However I then had to repaint all of the clear details on the kit, additionally the large Delta decal on the rear skirt came off (bummer).  


Main armor:
50% silver 
30% clear blue
20% clear green  

Chest, feet, etc:
60% purple
30% light grey
10% royal blue

Vent details:
100% white

100% medium grey


50% light grey 
40% black 
10% medium grey

100% star bright duralinium



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The MG Delta Plus has a very unique eye piece. Instead of the normal clear eye piece with raised eye detail the Delta has a clear visor. The two eyes are sunken into the rear side of the visor. I painted this piece first with several thin layers of tamiya clear red. then using enamel silver I filled in the recessed eye sections of the back side. After painting the silver I used black to fill in the area surrounding the eyes. The actual eye detail is very faint, I'm not entirely sure if I like the effect the visor has; but the design is faithful to the mech.

Both wings were scribed with a series of cuts to resemble panels and flaps on both wings.

The weapons are a slightly different color than the frame. I ran out of the medium grey I was using on this build. 

Action Poses:

I'm not entirely sure why the Zeta, Delta and a few others have these abnormally long beam rifles. The butt of the gun comes so far back that it interferes with the model's ability to hold and pose with it. 


Like the RG Zeta I didn't really want to transform the Delta at first. But after seeing it completed I couldn't help myself. After seeing this kit transformed, I think I can forgive a lot of the instability shortfalls. Although I will likely need to repaint some of the parts.