MG Zaku 2.0 WIP pt 7

The parts I ordered from Gentei kits a few weeks ago came in today. I didn't waste any time putting them to work either!

I started the work before the parts arrived by stripping some of the peg and support material from the backside of the shield. 

Then I piled 4 rectangular pieces of pla plate in the gap. The pla plate will fill the hollow section of the shield so I can gouge some battle damage into it.

A rough pencil sketch of the damage is a guide. 

Then using a dremel tool I began to gouge away.

After several rounds of dremeling and checking the hole I used an x-acto knife to further damage the holes.

To damage the skirts I applied them to the kit to determine where the damage would be; then I marked it with a pencil.

More dremeling...

The shoulder armor also received some rough treatment.

After a coat of primer, some pre-shading and paint:

After some enamel hand brushing, dry brushing, blending and decals we have a semi-finished shoulder armor and shield. 

Tomorrow the kits will receive their first coat of top coat followed by an enamel wash and some weathering pastels. Stay tuned there should be at least one more WIP before the final photo shoot.