MG Zaku 2.0 Final WIP

This is going to be the final WIP for Ramba Ral's Zaku. Since the last update the kit has received a coat of semi gloss, a filter wash with enamel paints, and several coats of Tamiya's weathering pastels.

Weathering filter:

The filter was made with three colors from Testor's enamel line. The colors I used from darkest to lightest are rust, wood and white. I applied the filter in a gradient, parts closer to the ground received more blotches of rust and wood, and parts further away received more white.

The colors were applied in a polka-dot pattern, and then brushed with a stiff bristled brush.

On it's own the foot doesn't look very different.

But compare this leg to a polka-dotted leg and you'll notice that the blue has been toned down considerably, and it looks like dirt & grime has started to collect in some of the recesses and panel lines of the kit!


I let the filter cure over night. Then the following day I began to apply weathering pastels onto the kit. I used three colors, they're listed in order of darkest to lightest: dirt, sand, light sand.

Like the filter I applied the pastels in a gradient. The parts closest to the ground received heavier coats of dirt and sand. While the upper parts of the kit received more coats of light sand, with a bit of sand mixed in.

The coats may look too heavy now, but some of the pastel will be blown off during the final matte topcoat.

Unfortunately at this point I started to notice some parts have become brittle due to the repeated coats of thinner on the kit. The scopes, and handles of both ranged weapons needed to be glued into place as a result.

The weather in my area has been extremely humid lately. It may be a few days before I'm able to top coat the kit. So stay tuned for the final photoshoot!