Zaku 2 2.,0 Ramba Ral's Custom

This is a Zaku boy, Zaku!

The Zaku 2 Rambal Ral custom is a kit I built for Gundam Beginner's first weathering contest.

I don't have much experience weathering kits, so I was excited to try out some new weathering and battle damage techniques on this kit. Early on I decided to go with a Rambal Ral scheme, I picked Ral because I like the color blue, and Ral is my favorite 0079 Zeon character. Early on I also decided to weather the kit, but not to beat the Zaku up to much. Rather than cut an arm or leg off I went with a design that showed the Zaku had seen combat and had been exposed to the elements.  

You can check out the WIP series here:
1 Assembly and damage
2 Painting
3 Painting pt 2
4 Painting pt 3
5 Partial assembly
6 Partial decal
7 Weathering
8 Weathering pt 2


Armor Blue:
50% white
50% sky blue

Chest and waist:
50% royal blue
50% midnight blue

Feet, knees, elbows etc:
100% black

100% medium grey

Joints & weapons:
100% black iron

Ammo details:
90% yellow
10% bright orange

100% clear red 
100% silver

Weather filter:
rust, wood, white

Weathering pastel:
light sand, sand, dirt

Enjoy the photos!

Suit 360:

Details & Damage:


Don't come a knock'n when he's rock'n the hawk'n