Building for Beginners

A Tutorial series that teaches the most basic techniques to new builders.

Building for Beginners The RG Justice

Start to Finish Guides:

HGCE Destiny Gundam

HG Zaku 2 High Mobility Type

Sinanju Start to Finish:

A tutorial series that follows the entire process of building the HG Sinanju.



General Information: 

Glossary of common Gunpla Terms

Guide to Grades 

How to tutorial series:

Paint Gundam Eyes

Paint Gundam Eyes Part 2
Painting sleeve details
Repair Scratched Clear Parts
Apply Water Slide Decals (text post)
Apply Water Slide Decals (Video)
Paint Two color Thrusters
Paint a Zeta Display Head
Make a Part Cleaner
Fix a Molding Defect
Posing your kits
Photographing your kits
Build your own work bench
How to fix scratched or damaged paint
Seamline repair for HG Origin Zeon kits
How to fix molding errors
Panel Line Scribing Part 1
Panel Line Scribing Part 2
Panel Line Scribing Part 3

Tips, Tricks and Advice: