Sunday, April 28, 2013

RG RX 78-2 Amuro Custom

I received this kit as a trade from a local buddy  for the HG Age 1 Normal + Razor kit I had lost interest in building. I wasn't entirely sure I wanted this kit, but I started thinking about projects I want to do, and everything just sort of clicked. After all it makes sense to start Project Amuro with the RX 78-2.

The color scheme is inspired by my all time favorite modeler Kieta

This kit was been in WIP hell for over a month because I damaged the red portion of the shield. Originally I removed the yellow cross and puttied the holes where cross connected. However after several rounds of different types of primer and paint and masking I was still seeing color variations in the shield color. Ultimately I decided to revert the shield design. 

Overall I'm pretty happy with the way the kit turned out. Unfortunately I did notice that the armor caps for both knees have started to crack. I also made a rookie mistake during the assembly process that I couldn't reverse after paint (can you spot it?)

Enjoy the photos: